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Stop Traffick Full Movie Hd 1080p Download

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a5c7b9f00b A simple Midwestern mom scours Las Vegas looking for her young daughter and a guy named 'Kyle.' When she coaxes an irritated bar owner into helping, they discover the girl has to get out of Vegas now or risk being lost forever.
Want a film with all the impact of Paul Schrader's ridiculous Hardcore that clocks-in at under 15 minutes? Here is a priceless gem reminiscent of the grand old roadshow epics. It can stand proudly alongside such educational classics as Escort Girls and Dance Hall Racket. Meggan Taylor gives a stand-out performance as an anguished mother hot on the trail of the devilish Romeo pimp. She is despondently wolfing down chocolate ├ęclairs one minute, knocking 6'4" bouncers unconscious the next. These are the kind of histrionics fans of Desperate Living have been waiting years to see again in movies. The only thing missing is the William Castle touch - theater ushers passing out free black butterfly tattoos at the door.

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